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The future of the Eurozone…

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

…in 13 words:

Ring-a-ring o’ roses
A Pocketful of posies
A-tishoo A-tishoo
We all fall down.

Looking on the bright side, at least there are some great property deals to be had.

Don’t mention the war!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

If I was trying to persuade the Germans to back a bailout of my two-bit banana-republic nation, I’d try to choose my words more wisely than the following example:

Theodoros Pangalos, deputy prime minister, said Germany had no right to reproach Greece for anything after it devastated the country under the Nazi occupation, which left 300,000 dead. “They took away the gold that was in the Bank of Greece, and they never gave it back. They shouldn’t complain so much about stealing and not being very specific about economic dealings,” he told the BBC.

I’d also refrain from following it up with an attack on everyone else too;

Twisting the knife further, he said the current crop of EU leaders were of “very poor quality” and had botched this month’s crisis summit in Brussels. “The people who are managing the fortunes of Europe were not up to the task,” he said.

My take on the above: Greece has been told that there will be no bailout from other Eurozone countries and that the Prime Minister is just venting.