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A Klass Act

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

I long ago ceased to be amazed at the utter uselessness of the police in this country. Apparently they’ve decided to respond to my cynicism by plumbing new depths of asshattery.

I’m guessing from her response that Miss Klass won’t be calling them the next time someone decides to trespass on her property. You go girl!



UPDATE This sums our predicament up nicely:

And if the cops do show up, just remember that your statement is not about speaking truth from a position of innocence, it is about not giving the state any pretext to arrest you. Stay nothing about what happened until your lawyer arrives.

Just remember that arresting you for daring to defend yourself is easier than looking for some criminal who attacked you because the police know where you live and getting any arrest shows up as a positive result in their statistics. Ideally just defend yourself and do not call them at all afterwards.

Yup, pretty much says it all.