A little perspective

As Jack Layton’s soul, freed from this mortal coil wends its way upward to the great massage parlour in the sky, he leaves behind a nation devastated at his sudden passing, bereft of their messiah, shorn of their protector against the evil Lord VolderHarper…

Or perhaps not.

Since I am not participating in the beatification of Jack Layton following his very sad death from cancer, I wish to take issue with letter-writer Dick Harrington, who insists that, “The bottom line is that if you thought highly of [Tommy] Douglas or [Ed] Broadbent or Layton, then you should think highly of the NDP. They go hand-inhand.”

That is utter nonsense!

I never met Layton, so I cannot offer an opinion of him from that perspective, but I do know the political and social policies he advocated and I do not agree with them, or with most of the policies of the NDP.

Tommy Douglas was a pastor in the same denomination as me and I have never admired much of what he stood for and accomplished.

Find his thesis from McMaster Divinity School online and read about his advocacy of the elitist and racist principles of eugenics.

I did meet Broadbent on more than one occasion and interviewed him on my radio talk show decades ago.

He was a delightful, charming and down-to-earth man.

I really liked him and still disagreed with the policies of his party.

I also met and interviewed Pierre Elliott Trudeau and enjoyed his company, but I do not support his party and I think he was one of the worst prime ministers we have ever endured.

You can think highly of an individual and not embrace his or her politics and social views.

The NDP and their moonbat fellow-travellers are overreaching on this one and it’s going to come back and bite them hard.