A pox on them all

With respect to the Millbank riot Richard North speaks for me and millions of other people in this country:

Actually, a plague on all their houses – but we’re not going to get excited about stoods trashing the offices of a political party that is trashing our constitution and when, cumulatively, we see more damage and criminality in our streets and homes than they have ever had to put up with – with absolutely nothing ever done about it.

I can’t feel sorry for a bunch of spoiled upper-middle-class brats who think the world (or at least the taxpayer) owes them several years of drinking, toking, and shagging on the cheap, but it was fun watching them trash the headquarters of the traitors and sellouts who pass themselves off as Conservatives these days.

At least Call-me-Dave and his cronies now have now experienced first-hand the police incompetence that the rest of us have had to put up with for years.