Location, Location, Location!

That’s what they say about real estate and why should Osama bin Laden be any different than anyone else. Rather than settling for some primitive cave in the primitive wilderness of the Afghan/Pakistan border, he decided to hide out in comfort, and that meant picking a spot with a nice climate:

Abbottabad has long been a cool, leafy retreat from the heat of the Pakistan plains.

It was founded by a British army officer, James Abbott, in the mid-nineteenth century as the British were pushing the bounds of their Indian empire into the northwestern hills inhabited by Pashtun tribes.

Today, the town is home to a Pakistani military academy and its surrounding hills are dotted with summer homes.

Sounds like the Pakistani equivalent of the Hamptons, or Cornwall. You’ve also gotta wonder what part the presence of the military academy played in his selection of this site as a hideout – was it because he figured no-one would think to look in such a place, or because he had patrons there?