Much ado about buggery

I’m with A Reluctant Sinner on this one.

Of course, two people engaging in a sexual act that would not be open to life anyway (such as sodomy between two men) do not need contraceptives. They are sinning by fundamentally distorting the sexual function and by having sex outside marriage (breaking the Sixth Commandment). They are, therefore, effectively committing a mortal sin. Therefore, as far as their eternal souls are in question, it is neither here nor there whether or not they use a condom. In fact, it would be more responsible (or make more sense) for them to use a device that might stop them from infecting each other with a deadly virus. This has always been the teaching of the Church, though many, it seems, did not know this!

…including some professional Catholics it would seem. Pope Benedict weighed his words carefully and anyone who cares to give the matter a moment’s thought would realize that nothing he said modifies or contradicts existing Church doctrine.