Open source, open season

Whilst skimming through Breivik’s manifesto the following stood out:

3.13 Founding principles of the Order/Tribunal
The purpose of the order/tribunal, PCCTS, is to consolidate Europeans and create and develop a significant armed defensive force through ?open source warfare?, by marketing the developed decentralised platform with self-organising features. This will be achieved by our continued efforts to call and request that all Europeans accept the duties which are expected from each and every free, patriotic individual. All free Europeans have a right and a duty to become ?Justiciar Knights for the order/tribunal with the purpose of:

– Oppose all hate-ideologies; communism (anti-individualistic), cultural Marxism/multiculturalism (anti-European), Islam (anti-kafr) and national socialism (anti-Jewish).
– 100 year plan to contribute to seize political power in Western European countries currently controlled by anti-nationalists (cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes). Bring freedom and cultural and demographical sustainability to all Europeans
– Serve and protect the indigenous peoples of Europe and all other loyal and patriotic European individuals
– Preserve European culture, traditions and heritage
– Stop the ongoing European cultural and demographical genocide facilitated by the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists, suicidal humanists, and capitalist globalist elites
– Prevent the deconstruction of Christendom in Europe
– Prevent further Islamic demographic warfare – disallow the Muslim invasion/colonisation of Europe
– Repulse Islam from Europe by the initiation of future deportation campaigns
– Effectuate punishment for Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist/globalist perpetrators for crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of Europe
– Oppose and defeat the Multiculturalist Alliance (MA 100) in Europe using any and all means necessary
– Support Israel‘s fight against Jihad
– Liberation of the Middle East Christians from Islamic rule
– Virtues such as the willingness to martyr oneself for the cause, the exercise of discretion, voluntary poverty and devoted obedience to the principles are mandatory for all Justiciar Knights
– Honour the wishes and memories of our forefathers, who secured European security and prosperity in the past
– Follow the PCCTS‘s mantra – ?Martyrdom before Dhimmitude.

If the Templar “Knights” didn’t exist before last Friday’s events, they do now. By calling on Europeans to become “Justiciar Knights” Breivik has given any citizen of a European country who has a grudge against the state, any lunatic or fantasist, the attention-seeking, or even the suicidally depressed in certain circumstances, a framework within which to work. Angry about your tax bill? Declare yourself a Justiciar Knight and shoot up an Inland Revenue Office or if you really want to go out with a bang, gun down George Osborne. Tired of life and want to end it? Strap a bomb vest on and attend your MP’s surgery. The potential list of “traitors” according to the criteria set down in Breivik’s manifesto must run into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions across Europe, so it’s a target-rich environment out there.

Oddly enough this tactic of “open-sourcing” the conflict mirrors the development of Al-Quaeda which rather than a hierarchical organizations is closer to a “brand” that can be adopted by anyone who shares its aims and acts towards similar goals.

Mad as a hatter perhaps, but not stupid or insane.