When left-liberal ideology bites you in the ass

Barack Obama no doubt ordered that Osama Bin Laden’s body be disposed of quickly in order to respect the sensitivities of Muslims whose burial customs generally require a body to buried within hours of death.

Only problem now is that he’s got no body, some photos that may or may not prove that the person that was killed was Osama Bin Laden but which he’s not going to show anyone anyways, and possibly, at some point, some DNA evidence that at best may or may not prove that someone, who might have been Bin Laden or one of his vast number of relatives was killed.

But if you’re going to be all multi-kulti and put soothing Muslim sensibilities above providing evidence for your claims that Bin Laden is no more, then you’ll have to deal with the consequences, which in this case are going to be a much smaller, shorter bounce in the polls than Obama might rightfully expect.

Let a Thousand Conspiracy Theories Bloom!